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Proactively manage fraud

Time-and-again the use of passive verification techniques, such as 3D secure, means your customer is asked to jump over obstacles to confirm their desire to actually make payment. This often results in consumers dropping out at the stage of payment.

ForestCloud takes a higher path; it collects, compares and categorizes consumer data to cross-check commercial veracity. Machine-based learning employs the latest algorithms to indemnify clients against suspect transactions.

Secure trusted payment transactions through clients’ credit (or SIM) cards with ForestCloud mCardSafe.

It offers full Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance at level 1 based on transaction aggregation.mPayPage.

Boost Sales

Sell more in your mobile app or website with a comprehensive mobile payments platform.

Boost Sales

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Most payment platforms are linear, but ForestCloud epitomizes mCommerce done your way.

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